Vedic Principles of Leadership

Vedic Leadership results in sustainable business with more profits, happiness and bliss for all, and delivers far more with much less effort. Empowered employees and a culture of happy family and healthy competition raises the bar continuously. People look forward to Mondays instead of Fridays. I practiced it during my 35+ year career as CEO … Continue reading Vedic Principles of Leadership

February 24, 2019

Why India was a global economic power!!

India produced classical civilisations that generated wealth in huge amounts. Between 1st and 17th century CE, India is estimated to have had the largest economy of the ancient and medieval world, controlling between one-third and one-fourth of the world’s wealth. In simple terms, India had the world’s largest and strongest economy for over 1,000 years … Continue reading Why India was a global economic power!!

July 7, 2018

Freedom of choice: A Human desire

Few succeed but many fails to achieve their dreams. Have you ever wondered why we fail? What could have given us the success! Sometimes the answer seems so simple. If you weren’t held back by circumstances – a difficult boss, more education, the right contacts, and a missed opportunity – you could find the perfect … Continue reading Freedom of choice: A Human desire

July 7, 2018

Vedic Principles of leadership

Vedic Leadership is inspiring employees and partners in believing that their success lies in your success there by having alignment of purpose and efforts. Vedic leadership is a philosophy with deep routed belief in Vedic Dharma, ‘Passion and compassion for others.’ It is not the subject of any specific Vedic text. Rather it reflects values, principles, … Continue reading Vedic Principles of leadership

July 7, 2018

Welcome Aboard

A hearty welcome! Once up on a time, India was referred as golden bird, world leader both in spiritual as well as material wealth. The secret of success in that era were Indian beliefs and a culture of social harmony. An era where humans had compassion for other humans, animals and Nature. Happiness and peace … Continue reading Welcome Aboard

September 25, 2016