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Stoop to Lead

Who is more powerful between a leader and his people is a similar comparison as between rivers and seas and the hundreds of streams. Rivers and seas are more powerful than streams. They are larger, deeper and stronger. Power of… Read More

August 29, 2016

Let Go! To gain more let go more and more

Effortless Leadership Leadership should be effective and effortless. By working on the energy field of groups, you harness the power in them. This is more potent than exerting authority. When you have allowed the group to function on its own,… Read More

August 26, 2016

Simplicity in Leadership – take a leaf out of Nature

Are You the Boss? “I’m the Boss!” Does the statement sound familiar to you? Is this what you would say to get your people to listen to you? If it is, I’m afraid this does not augur well for your… Read More

August 25, 2016

Characteristics of a Natural Leader

“Leaders are not made; they are created every moment, every second.” Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership positions by their hard work and some have leadership position thrust upon them. Naturally effective leaders begin by being themselves. The result… Read More

August 23, 2016

Why We Follow Bad Leaders

Is it them or us that’s the problem? Leadership and position are two different things. Holding a title and a high rung on the company org chart doesn’t mean you’re a leader. Even people without these things can exert influence… Read More

August 22, 2016

Your biggest strength is also biggest weakness

Every one of us has characteristics and talents that are natural to us. It is part of our overall makeup that makes us unique and special as individuals. It may sound like a riddle, but it’s actually an important paradox:… Read More

August 17, 2016

Turn Your Weaknesses in Strengths

In a perfect world only, we could be good at everything needed to have a successful business and a successful life. In real world and real life, we all have to accept that we’re good at some, just about OK… Read More

August 16, 2016

Detachment is crucial for success

We are often told that success requires motivation, desire and ambition, but there is another important ingredient, and this is detachment. Emotional and mental detachment is not indifference, apathy or lack of energy. You can lead a normal, ordinary life,… Read More

August 15, 2016

Leaders should be Omnipresent

Omnipresent, means a quality or capability of being everywhere. Leader should make efforts to become Omnipresent; present at multiple locations at the same time. Omnipresence is possible through leading and living by an example, your established behaviours and principles that… Read More

August 11, 2016

The Goodness in being Good

Moral, virtuous, righteous actions are referred as ‘good’ and hence a person possessing these qualities is referred as good man. Similarly the word ‘evil’ is defined as immoral, wicked, harmful or injurious and the person committing such acts referred as… Read More

August 10, 2016