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Boredom – The Desire for Desires

Two foes of human happiness are pain and boredom. The modern sciences have been able to cure the physical pain but there is no cure for the boredom. People are doing everything to avoid the boredom. They get absorbed in… Read More

August 4, 2016

What is a Belief?

Belief is a subjective truth, one’s world view. An alignment of our heart and mind. A lens through which we make a sense of this world in our own way. Belief is what helps a person to decide what is… Read More

August 1, 2016

Freedom of Choice : A Human desire

Few succeed but Most among us fail to achieve our dreams. Have you ever wondered why we fail? What could have given us the success! Sometimes the answer seems so simple. If you weren’t held back by circumstances – a… Read More

July 29, 2016

Shakti and Durga, Currencies of Emotional Power

We as individuals seek both i.e. the internal power called Shakti and the external power called Durga. Shakti is our inner strength. Durga is the strength that we get from outside. Praise, for example, empowers us because we get Durga… Read More

July 26, 2016

Why do we fail to achieve our goals

Living a life without setting goals is like sailing a ship without having planned a course: you’re likely to end up somewhere that you wouldn’t want to go! This is why you need to set goals to develop yourself and… Read More

July 26, 2016