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The Goodness in being Good

Moral, virtuous, righteous actions are referred as ‘good’ and hence a person possessing these qualities is referred as good man. Similarly the word ‘evil’ is defined as immoral, wicked, harmful or injurious and the person committing such acts referred as… Read More
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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Solutions to the world crisis

Source of Criminality Why are people not good? Why do people lie and cheat? Why is there so much corruption in this world? Why is the media filled with only the negative news of crimes, murder and rapes? Is there… Read More
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Faith and Logic

Man is a unique specie of the universe as he has always sought to know the laws of Nature. He used basic tools of acquiring knowledge – faith and logic in his quest for truth. Faith means complete trust and… Read More
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Boredom – The Desire for Desires

Two foes of human happiness are pain and boredom. The modern sciences have been able to cure the physical pain but there is no cure for the boredom. People are doing everything to avoid the boredom. They get absorbed in… Read More
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Decay & ultimately death is inherent in growth

Dharma is a principle. The human ability to outgrow the animal instinct born out of the fear of survival, manifesting as domination and territoriality.  Dharma is a human concept. Animals and plants belong to nature, where no one has choices.… Read More
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Only effortless leadership is sustainable

You can’t lead people when you have to constantly supervise them and manage them. You can lead only when they are inspired to do what you want them to do The first thing to know about leadership, is that leadership… Read More