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Welcome Aboard

A hearty welcome! Once up on a time, India was referred as golden bird, world leader both in spiritual as well as material wealth. The secret of success in that era were Indian beliefs and a culture of social harmony.… Read More
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The MORE you give the MORE you GET!

Does that sound bizzare to you. Actually it is true. Check it out by trying it your self. You cannot out-give the universe. When you give, it may not come back to you from where or whom you think it… Read More
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De-clutter your life and home

Making space in your life to attract more of what you want The universe abhors a vacuum. If there is space, then that will create room for what it is that you’re trying to attract into your life as de-cluttering… Read More
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Baar Baar Dekho

Messages for happy life  The movie has received poor reviews from film critics and obviously poor collections on the box office. But here I am sharing my positive feedback particularly about the message that movie is trying to communicate. I… Read More
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Don’t hold employees, a prisoner of your choice

Intrinsic Motivation The greatest motivation and most personal satisfaction comes from those goals that we choose for ourselves. Self-chosen goals create a special kind of motivation called intrinsic motivation – the desire to do something for our own sake. When… Read More