Allianz Insurance UK, a leading Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance provider in UK and a member of Allianz Group, Germany, took a bold step to set up ACIS as its captive offshore center in 2003 with objectives of enhanced value through customer satisfaction, scalability and cost effectiveness.

With these objectives in place, a set of guiding principles were established which became the Ethos of the company over the years. The guiding principle focuses on three key pillars namely Customer, Employees and Compliance. These guiding principles established a framework for the organisation and employee in decision making as well as judging a right and wrong behavior there by setting a rational of ‘Why we exist’.

The company focused and introduced multitude of measures in every sphere to enhance the customer satisfaction, employee engagement and pro-activity to adhere to compliance, tax and regulations. Each of the investment or change initiative was judged against this framework.

Adherence to compliance requirements, both locally in India and internationally in UK, gave ACIS creditability and a basic foundation of a strong and resilient business thereby avoiding any distraction of management mind-share. Happy and engaged employees initiatives grew from feeling of ‘Great Place to work’ to Career destination to sense of ownership and pride ‘My company’. Happy and engaged employee with low attrition and growing business knowledge delivered a sustained high performance much beyond the expectations of parent company, the key customer and the share-holder.

As a result, ACIS which was initially set up with just 20 employees performing software coding, the offshoring services grew to over 2500 in 2015 in IT & ITES space providing services in Application Development and Maintenance (AD&M), Business Processes (BP), Financial services, Consulting and Project management services, IT infrastructure support to global operations coupled with recently introduced Actuarial support and data analysis.

The growth of business is also marked by growth of customer base within Allianz Group. Though ACIS started out as a captive offshore center for Allianz UK, the benefits it delivered made many group companies to take notice of shoring benefits resulting in 12 Az Group entities spread over Europe, Asia, Australia and USA are seeking services from ACIS.

The point to note here is ACIS does not have any dedicated business development team till recently. The growth was achieved largely on the basis of high performance delivery leading to customer delight and they in turn became the ambassadors backed up by the international accreditation that we have achieved in the area of quality and compliance (CMMi, e-SCM, ISMS and ISO etc.).

ACIS firmly believes that the success it has achieved and the benefits it has reaped is a result of the guiding principles or Ethos it has set out at the very beginning of the journey and continues to strongly advocate and embed in every new incoming employee.

In summary, a compliant and resilient company with delighted customers and engaged employees can deliver the impossible. Similar to Allianz success story, the Any business can achieve far bigger success by attracting customers and engaging employees instead of chasing profits. A common sense approach as per Indian scriptures.

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