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Baar Baar Dekho

Messages for happy life 

The movie has received poor reviews from film critics and obviously poor collections on the box office. But here I am sharing my positive feedback particularly about the message that movie is trying to communicate. I am novice in terms of judging anything else in the movie that many film critic are commenting about.

The story line: An individual getting a glimpse of their future and coming back in time to correct the present with “benefit of hindsight”.

What if we get the chance to rectify all the big mistakes of our life? And what if a magical wand takes us into the future to personally witness all those critical twists and turns on the road journey of life where we may swerve into the wrong lane? And then, what if we get a chance to revise our actions and deeds accordingly?

bar-bar-dekho-1What would you do if you could see the future of your relationship? This film follows a roller coaster ride with Jai and Diya as they ride the ups and down of their relationship through the test of time. Jai, a Vedic mathematician believes that decision in life should be based on logic, reasoning and numbers instead of trust and faith.



Some of the messages:

  • With high flying careers and materialistic pleasure, we often forget to cherish what we already have an keep chasing future
  • Necessity and criticality to balance work and personal life. A dialogue in hindi “Balance ke bagair koi equation perfect nahin hoti”.
  • Living in the present, focusing on the small joys of life and not resting the entire existence on a future you do not know
  • Life is now and here in the present. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery.
  • You and only you make or break your life through the choices you make
  • Happiness is by sharing the small moments and small things important to other person rather than big things. In Hindi “Badi baaton pe nahin, chhoti baaton pe dhyan do”.
  • Trust and faith leads to happiness and not the logic
  • More often than if we could get a sense of long term implications of our choices, one would make a different choice. Unfortunately life does not allow to relive the lost moments again.
  • You are free to make choice but are not free from the implications of your choice. There is always another dimension, view and perspective contrary to your choice, in hindi called “Doorsra Pahloo”
  • Marriage does not mean, you ignore the needs and liking of other partner. Secret of happy relationship is willingness to sacrifice and adjusting with each other

Movie however does not depict the life after the Jai changes his choice by moving away from logic and maths. The life ahead is left to the imagination of viewer.

I liked the movie as the messages are what I believe in and hence to my liking.

If you wish to cherish a happy and sustained relationship, introspect and consciously imbibe in your daily life some or all of the messages.

Happy Onam


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