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Boredom – The Desire for Desires

boredom desire for desiresTwo foes of human happiness are pain and boredom. The modern sciences have been able to cure the physical pain but there is no cure for the boredom. People are doing everything to avoid the boredom. They get absorbed in their work so that they have no time left to get bored – yet after some time, their work becomes routine and boring. They try to entertain themselves movies, music, internet, friends, alcohol, food, gambling, adventure, drugs and even illegal and immoral acts are exploited. Yet they get bored soon from entertains also which is followed by long spell of boredom. With all these options and efforts man is unable to overcome the boredom. Boredom is therefore referred as root cause of all evils.

Why it exists: What would happen if there was no boredom in the world? Imagine you always felt happy and joyful without ever getting bored. What type of life would have been here without the Boredom? It balances the life and hence must exist.

Boredom is quiet similar to pain. Just like all types of pain give the message that something is wrong with the body, boredom tells the man that something is wrong with the life one is leading. In case of our body, we instead of understanding the message of pain that points to some problem in the body, kill the pain by use of painkillers. These painkillers actually don’t kill the pain, but merely make the nervous system numb so that the brain does not get the signal from the ailIntoxicationing body. However the pain is back immediately after the painkiller effect starts reducing. The pain persists till the ailment is cured.

In the same way man tries to kill the boredom either by engaging the mind in work or by using intoxicants that stimulates the nervous system so that the feeling of boredom is forgotten for the period artificial excitement of intoxicants. Similar to pain, boredom is back as soon as the effect of intoxicants diminishes. Even work fails to cure the boredom. The work alcoholic’s suffer in addition to the boredom, the ailment of body due to excessive exertion. Yet the moment mind of work alcoholic is free, he is again in the grip of boredom.

Challenge-of-life-2The key to get freedom from boredom is not to kill it by excessive work or intoxicants but understanding the root cause of boredom – there by trying to remove these causes. Boredom can only be removed for good by taking the challenges of life and performing one’s role in the world and universe.

Align and Resonate with Cosmos

Just like good health is more than the absence of illness, a vibrant life is more than the absence of boredom. Boredom is like a negative energy which takes over the life forces, when there is insufficient vibrant energy in his life.

One can avoid the boredom only by accumulating lot of vibrant energy in his life. Man can feel happy only when his vibrations are in sync with vibrations of the cosmos as Resonate with Universethen the vibrations of the cosmos are transmitted to him by the principles of resonance quiet naturally. This requires identifying the true role for the self, which is in tune with the nature, and identifying a bigger role for the self – for the betterment of the society and world. Boredom is like a whistle that is blown by the nature when you are avoiding your assigned task – undermining your potential. Only if you listen to your inner voice, voice of your soul, in the time of boredom, you can discover your true self and get connected to the vibrant energy of the world. That would be the end of boredom, as you would be automatically moving in the path of growth and success without ever hearing the whistle of boredom.

Biggest-Challenge-of-lifeOnly if man chooses the path that may be difficult yet has a great purpose, he can choose to come out of boredom for long time. All great discoveries and achievements are made by people who harmonized their desire with desires of the world. Hence they not only fulfilled their own desire but also the made a difference by fulfilling the needs and desires of the world.

A reminder to check out if you are feeling bored!!!! Probably you are since you are reading this message.

Extracted from a book “Good and Evil: two sides of same coin” by Dr. Awdhesh Singh

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