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Vedas and Dharma

Nature is a continuum encompassing externally as the environment and internally as human nature. This continuum is referred to as Nature or Consciousness. Continuum is akin to the flow of a massive river outside and a rivulet inside. The flow… Read More

August 1, 2020

Role of a Leader – Harness Collective Conscience

Collective conscience has remained a relatively unknown obscure concept even though it is highly pervasive and all around us. Coming together of two or more individuals results in the formation of collective conscience. As the group gets bigger, multiple sub-group… Read More

July 21, 2020

Human Faculties – Parts of Wholeness

Human Interest is dynamic in its never-ending pursuit of greater happiness. A typical cycle that plays out inside the mind-heart-intellect trio: Interest in the outcome spurs a human into action with an intent to fulfill their interest. Conflicting dictates from… Read More

July 21, 2020

Organizational Mind

Every living entity has a mind. So does every organization. Whether aware or not, natural leaders have an inherent competency to influence and synchronize the organizational mind for the good of the organization. Oxygen is a metabolic process, but the… Read More

July 17, 2020

Realize Your Dreams

Dream realization is energy transfer between physical and virtual worlds. While action and effort represent physical energy, attention and intention represent consciousness energy of the virtual world.   Everyone wishes to realize their life and career dreams but only a… Read More

July 3, 2020

Fulfillment of a Dream- Awesome, Wow Experience

The state of fulfillment is such a wholesome experience that it can’t be described objectively. It includes feelings and emotions of excitement, exhilaration, ecstasy, wow, pleasure, and similar.  It is more than the sum of its parts. It is akin… Read More

July 2, 2020

Knowledge a Reflection of Past – Wisdom of Future

  While knowledge is a reflection of our past,  wisdom enables us to shape our future. The data bits and bytes in our mind get connected with others and forms a pattern. The stages of this evolution are data, information,… Read More

July 2, 2020

Human Mind – An Enigma Simplified

The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe, and you get to own one – how amazing is that? Different wings of science have their peculiar way to describe what it is made up of and how… Read More

April 22, 2020

Did you Know – What is Dharma

Happiness remains elusive to most people even after realizing their dreams, success, name, and fame. Somehow, consciously or not, directly or indirectly, in the short or the long term, whatever we do, whatever we hope, whatever we dream — somehow,… Read More

February 28, 2020

Did You Know – What is Consciousness

Consciousness is the root of Life – Maharishi Consciousness is fundamental and the catalyst of life. It enters the human body at the time of birth and leaves at the time of death. There is no life without it. Consciousness… Read More

February 12, 2020
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