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Characteristics of a Natural Leader

“Leaders are not made; they are created every moment, every second.”

Vision and Growth

Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership positions by their hard work and some have leadership position thrust upon them. Naturally effective leaders begin by being themselves. The result is an extraordinary power to lead, achieve and develop.

A natural born leader is a person who displays the characteristics and personality traits of a leader. They have a vision accompanies by a belief system for the organisation.  Social ability, self-confidence, assertiveness and boldness are all characteristics of natural born leaders.

Natural Effective leaders do not try to be anyone else. They are comfortable being who they are. They seek out people with different natural effectiveness traits. They value the complementary skills and traits of others.  They surround themselves with people whose strengths complement their own.

Leadership Vision



They know where they want to go and know how to share their vision to inspire others. These leaders can see where the organization or team needs to go before others do. They have the ability to look at the big picture.



Organisational Belief System

A Belief System for the organisation – A Belief-Behaviour-Businessjpgframework or a common language to judge right and wrong, and to help differentiate good behaviour from bad. It provides dos and don’ts for the organisation, thereby aligning the behaviour of employees towards organisational belief and thus its success.

Social Ability

Having natural people skills, natural leaders are typically extroverted outgoing individuals who are very generous, understanding and congenial towards others. They are quick to connect with others. They usually choose a career or job in a position of authority, motivating others and directing teams in successful projects or task assignments.

These types of leaders attract others to work for and with them because they get things done with a minimum amount of stress on others. People want to be on these teams. Give others on your team the opportunity to lead a task or project in order to know their leadership abilities.


This characteristic is often evident from an early age in children. They usually come across as “bossy”. Self-confidence is the characteristic of all natural leaders that drive social ability and the courage to take on new risks and challenges.

Assertion Skills

This is where natural leaders urge action where others wait for it to happen. Assertiveness is a necessity for success and to achieve many things using this characteristic. Over-assertiveness can come across as authoritarian. This leader shows their eagerness to take control in different situations and enjoys their role as it is challenging to them.

Being a natural leader involves being able to adjust your style to the skill level and commitment of others in any given situation.


Boldness is a sense of adventure that enables leaders to explore new areas and push boundaries. In business, boldness is often what is needed to forge ahead and break new ground. Boldness with assertiveness helps in facing challenges and take risks.

Boldness and CourageNatural leadership helps them make use of the other characteristics. They work from their point of effectiveness knowing how and when to leverage their strengths to accomplish the goals.

Some naturally effective leaders lead through their take charge traits; some lead through their ability to draw people to themselves through charisma; some lead through the strength of patience, taking a calm approach to the vision that engages others to take the time to absorb ideas.

Naturally effective leader’s focuses on achieving goals that will make their vision become a reality. They win the support of their vision by utilizing a style that is appropriate for them.

These types of leaders know how they work most efficiently and most effectively. They have learned from both successes and failures. They hone in on their skills and œintegrate their experiences, skills, competencies and self-awareness into an effective and efficient presence.

They create a culture in which people have access to them. When a leader truly knows who they are and embraces their own personal style of being a naturally effective leader, they can envision more and lead others in accomplishing the goals that make that vision a reality. On top of that, they are able to move from ordinary to extraordinary results not just in their employees and organization, but in themselves as well.

All leaders have natural strength and weaknesses in their leadership role. Successful leadership is to be able to adapt your personal style to meet the needs and styles of the people in your team. Most people admire those people who demonstrate the traits of natNatural Leadership-1ural leadership.

Are you a Natural and Effective Leader?




Excerpts from an article by Neal Burgis, CEO of Burgis Successful Solutions



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