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Clarity of purpose

Clarity of purpose is vital for the achievement of success and for making dreams come true.

Your dream or goal must be specific and clear, and should not be vague.

While it’s fun to daydream about being rich and successful, you have to know and define clearly what you want to get or to achieve.

Clarity is important for every kind of success, for losing weight, getting a new car or travelling abroad. If you don’t know exactly what you want, how can you get it? And you remain unsatisfied with outcome. e.g. Most people wants to be rich but without defining how much, chances are irrespective money you earn, you will remain unsatisfied. A lakh of Rs may be small, good enough or big amount to different people.

When there is clarity you know what steps to take with complete focus on the goal and without wasting time or energy. Clarity of purpose is like focusing a strong source of light on your goal, so that you see it clearly.

By the way, this attribute is a must have for moving up the corporate ladder.

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