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Dare to dream

There are three distinct stages in every body’s life.

  1. From childhood, educational period and till the age when you get in to a job. This phase of life is characterised as fun and freedom with many dreams, no inhibitions and no liabilities; with all expenses taken care of by parents (True at least for Indian)
  2. During the period of job or business where in the hard realities of life sets in with many responsibilities start taking toll on you; Dependents start making demands; Resulting in you getting busy meeting their demands forgetting your own dreams. The life of struggle and chase continues with occasional happiness
  3. Post retirement: You see some of your class mates or friends doing much better than you;  Regrets with a sense of missed the opportunity

People who discourage and demotivates you against your dreams during the early phase are your real enemies. People who listen and then give you if nothing else a sense of encouragement and hope are your best friends.

This a common story for many if not most. You need to break the shackles if you wish to break away from the mould.  Remember if we continue to do the same what we have bene doing then we at best we will get result the what we have been getting. If we wish to do better and more, we need to do things differently and may be different things as well.

Our life is a result of the choices we make. Don’t blame anyone else for what you are. No one else but only you are responsible for your career; What you are today and what you will be tomorrow – earlier you understand, better for you. If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices.

Always aim big; it is difficult to achieve incremental targets but easier to achieve ambitious targets; Look after your team – they are here for their needs and aspirations; Focus on the journey and not the targets or destination

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