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Faith and Logic

Man is a unique specie of the universe as he has always sought to know the laws of Nature. He used basic tools of acquiring knowledge – faith and logic in his quest for truth.

Faith means complete trust and firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Faith is necessary in order to know anything. The other method to know the truth is by following the scientific methods of investigation that are based on logic and reasoning.

The key to acquire knowledge by faith is source of knowledge and the creditability of the person, source of such a knowledge. Similarly the knowledge acquired through logic depends on the creditability of the method.

The very concept of family, society or a nation is based on faith. Faith can unite Faithmillions or even billions of people like one, bringing peace to the society and lead them to the prosperity.

Faith is however under attack in recent years particularly in the west. Science has weakened almost all religions and people are fast losing faith in religion that is often portrayed as devoid of logicand reasoning. The clash of civilisation if often associated with conflict between people of faith and people of reasons, logic and freedom. The modern world seems to have become a battle ground of faith and logic. The war between faith and logic is not only being fought at the international but also with each country, within each society and indeed within each individual.

Philosophy visualises all the different branches of knowledge as manifestation of same entity. It discovers that all knowledge has same origin like branches of the same tree. It, therefore, tries to find a synthesis among all divergent facets of knowledge.

Science on the other side, is based on logic. Hence, it looks at each type of knowledge as a different organ whichcan be further divided.

Science provides a solution and a rationale for everything. And if there is anything that appears like a miracle, the only explanation is that a scientific reason for it has not been discovered as yet. All knowledge has its context. Unless you know the context, you may not understand the point.

The spiritual knowledge or philosophy is based on intuition, faith and personal experience- which can’t be proven logically. Science is based on observations and investigation, which can be proven logically, yet one can’t trust such knowledge as superior logic may emerge at point in future.

Both faith and logic
originate from faith just like both male and female are born of women only.

Faith and logic, though appearing opposite to each other, are equally important in the world. No logic can exist without faith and no faith can exist unless it has some logic.

When it comes to self, it is the faith & belief in self which enables unraveling of your potential. And that is the logic of success.

Extracted from the book “Good and Evil – two sides of same coin” by Dr Awdhesh Singh

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