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First time team leaders

First real “leadership” position is an exciting, but intimidating time. All business leaders go thru this phase. Now instead of following directions all the time, you need to give directions too and that’s not always an easy transition to make.

A first-time leadership role is likely to be stressful if you are not ready for it. There’s a significant change in roles and responsibilities. Success comes not from what you do yourself but from empathy to the team by investing in personal time in developing, empowering and growing skills and stature of many members of your team.

Among other some of the commonly faced challenges that trip the budding leaders are:

Making the Shift

Many leaders have difficulty making the shift, since organizations often promote individuals based on their technical competencies, rather than their leadership skills. New leaders can learn to become effective motivators when they lead and teach by example. Employees feed off of those leaders who lead by example cultivate the next generation of great leaders.

Making hiring decisions

Leaders have the important responsibility in the hiring process for their team. You’re likely in for a big shock when it comes time to bring in a new employee. Most first-time leaders don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into a hiring decision. Often, inexperienced leaders don’t realize that it takes extensive knowledge and the right research to hire the right people for the right role.

A tiered interview process, involving other company leader can help guide a new leader through a first hire and teach them how to best evaluate applicants.

Learning the difference between leading and managing

Though leadership and management both involve overseeing a team, there is a distinct difference between the two. Leaders need to inspire their team, share purpose and provide direction and help the team members in achieving their ambitions, not just manage the budget.

Have a clear vision aligned with the company’s mission and purpose, constantly communicate the vision and how your people are contributing. Catch them doing things that contribute to accomplishing your vision, and visibly recognize them for it, because what gets recognized gets repeated by others.

All the best.

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