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Freedom of choice: A Human desire

Few succeed but many fails to achieve their dreams. Have you ever wondered why we fail? What could have given us the success!

Sometimes the answer seems so simple. If you weren’t held back by circumstances – a difficult boss, more education, the right contacts, and a missed opportunity – you could find the perfect fit.

We all crave the power to make our own choices, pursue our interests, and succeed at what we are designed to do. Deeply woven into our being is a desire to be free. The fight for freedom dates back to the beginning of time.

Living freely does not necessarily mean living without any constraints. At the root of the concept, freedom means living out our purpose in the way we were designed to do it. We are each uniquely gifted to be excellent at different jobs.

our choice show what we truly are more than our abilites

Each of us wish to discover our greatest potential, experience the fruits of our labour, and find fulfillment in our work. This desire and right is intrinsic in our design, embedded with a dignity.

Empower others to earn your power

The success mantra:  We human being deal with three different currencies. Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. One of the currency is power, the emotions represented by Goddess Durga. [Read the post Emotional Power – A currency in life and Nature]

The key to this conLife is an echoundrum lies in your behaviour. To earn your power, you should use your internal strength, the Shakti to empower others. Sound strange!! Well you reap what you sow.

Give freedom of choice to people around you, your customers, your employees, your family, your friends and in the bargain, you will earn your freedom. Power is one of the currency we humans deal with in our life. Contrary to the common sense, Power grows by giving and sharing. Leaders should create a culture where employees are empowered to make their choice instead of imposing management choice on them.

It is time to make your choice now.

Giving up is also a choice which sounds an easy option. But is it so!!

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