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What is this website all about? What is in it for the site owner?

During my long career at the helm of corporate world, I have been advocating among my colleagues and employees about self-improvement, positive thinking & motivation; about Indian mythology and leadership. These beliefs and behaviour has helped me immensely during my career and I am highly pleased with thousands of life that I could help improve.

Now my life ambition is to share my learning and success mantras with many more aspiring individuals and leaders. I wish to write book(s), hopefully popular, that could help improve the lives of many more thousands of netizens. This web site is intended to be home for my efforts in pursuit of my ambitions and dreams of sharing& spreading happiness mantras.

To me ‘Why’ is more important than ‘What’. ‘Why’ comes ahead of ‘what’ and ‘how’.

What should you expect? What is in it for you?

Do you desire Life Balance and Personal Success, no matter what stage of life you are in? If yes, then go ahead and read more.

You will find thoughts and ideas for introspection and making a choice. There are multiple ways to reach the same goal and hence each individual has to make a choice suitable to his/her context and choice.

I wish to focus on “how to” for skills and inner power that people need for achieving success & improving their own lives. My writing and guidelines are intended to be essence of my years of personal experience and the sustainable happiness all round that followed.

If an idea or belief catches your fancy by touching your heart and soul, please go ahead and make it part of you. You will need to make conscious efforts to adapt the idea and change your belief. Certainly not an easy change though.

What should you NOT expect?

There will be NO prescription to success.  Please introspect and make the choice as per your liking, need and context. There are multiple routes to success. Right or wrong is a personal perception. You need to choose the option of your liking & suitability and must take the necessary action towards progress.

What Topics will be covered?

I wish to focus on Vedic style of management as articulated in our rich heritage on topics related to conscious actions towards development of

Are you the original author of these articles?

  • Yes and no.
  • Thoughts listed on this web site are my personal beliefs. I have personally adapted and benefitted from these. I have full conviction in these proposed beliefs.
  • Some time there are direct or in-reference articles in public space.In which case I adapt from these to suit the objective of the message with credit to authors where known.
  • While at time there is nothing available in public space as per best of my knowledge and access. In such cases I write from scratch. Review and iterate my times before publishing.
  • All my writing whether copied or original from me are for public interest. I don’t have any intentions of copy righting.

What are the benefits of registering as a member?

This is your web site. The ideas for your use and adaption if you like. As a registered subscriber of ‘Indian Vedic Management website’, you will benefit from gaining access to areas of our website which have been made secure so that only registered subscribers will be able to view them.

This may include:

  • An email alert on new posts on this web site
  • Links to downloadable material such as; Case Studies, self-study course module
  • Some page content may be accessible only by registered subscribers
  • Participation in discussion forums of registered users is one of the prime indicator of success of my efforts through this web site.
  • You can help by registering.

So why not register today to be part of the Indian Vedic management online community, your community?

A warm welcome from my side

Can I interact with other enthusiasts?

Why not?  While non-registered members can comment on any of the post the registered subscriber will benefit from gaining access to discussion forums with other enthusiasts.

So why not register today to be part of the Indian Vedic management online community, your community?

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