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Fulfillment of a Dream- Awesome, Wow Experience

The state of fulfillment is such a wholesome experience that it can’t be described objectively. It includes feelings and emotions of excitement, exhilaration, ecstasy, wow, pleasure, and similar.  It is more than the sum of its parts. It is akin to the famous story of a blind man and elephant. It may be at best described as “this as well as that” or “neither this nor that”. Sounds confusing? You are not alone.


Why fulfillment is an awesome, wow experience

Action involving efforts to fulfill a desire is a journey wherein the fulfillment is a point at which some or all of the following happens simultaneously.

  • Energy Inflow

Each individual has limited attention energy to pursue the fulfillment of their interests. The objects of interest are out there in the real universe, external to the self. External physical object maps to a mental void. Attention on external objects means an outward flow of energy resulting in mental and physical stress and a feeling of exhaustion. On fulfillment, this energy flow is reversed and flows inward to self. It is this energy inflow that results in a feeling of excitement, happiness, ecstasy, exhilaration, and satisfaction. The energy flow stops on reaching a point of equilibrium. The time freezes until the new equilibrium is established.

  • Wholeness – Obliteration of Boundaries

Reality is made up of physical, mental, and spiritual parts each separated by boundaries.

  1. Limits of human senses divide the reality in what is seen or not, sensed or not – separating finite and infinite. These limits are illusionary and individualistic. Fulfillment is a condition of wholeness, a feeling of oneness with the desired object, obliteration of the boundary, a sense of complete unity, or full ownership.


  1. Knowledge and experience of an object form an infinite spiral loop. Each new experience enriches the knowledge and similarly, growing knowledge enriches the experience of the said object. Intellect is the human faculty of discrimination stores a link between knowledge and corresponding experience classified as right or wrong, good or bad, etc. This bucketing is sort of a boundary as well as a link that connects an action to its effect.

Wholeness is the obliteration of one or both boundaries of perception – also known as a mistake of the intellect, Maya. Obliteration results in singularity, oneness, infinity, or wholeness. Wholeness literally means everything – an experience of infinity.

With this understanding, the synonyms of wholeness will make more sense – unbounded, boundless, perfect, full, completeness, totality, absence of blemish, perpetual, etc.


  • Mind and Heart alignment – A Coherent Functioning  

Differential dictates coming from the human mind and heart creates confusion and conflicts. Mind receiving inputs via the external-facing senses is driven by physical needs while heart, a gateway to stored memories and the universe, is driven by the perceived value and self-worth among the people.

Fulfillment is a condition when both mind and heart are contended and aligned with each other, saving energy. A state where mind and heart are working synergetically coherent.

An activity that is pleasing to mind as it meets the immediate needs and is pleasing to heart as it serves the long term intentions.

  • A point where opposites are unified


  1. Good, bad, and evil: Human intellect is a faculty of reasoning and discrimination. Discriminating things as good, not so good, bad, or evil. Fulfillment is a state where intellect is indifferent and accepts it wholeheartedly as is.
  2. Future and Present are unified: In the state of fulfillment, time freezes, and hence it is a unification of present with the future.
  3. Point of action and point of outcome are unified: The two mental points representing the point of action and the point of outcome are unified. Effectiveness of the action at its peak.
  4. Individual consciousness and universal consciousness are unified: The human mind interprets things and makes sense of it. Fulfillment is a state where individual and universal nature stands unified obliviating the role of the mind and thus removing the deficiencies and incompleteness that comes with it. Oneness of internal and external nature
  5. Diversity and unity are unified: A point where both diversity and singularity are unified becoming one and the same. Worth noting here that commonly used phrase “Unity in diversity” actually should read “Unity is diversity and diversity is unity”

Fulfillment is a state where so many unusual conditions co-exist that result in an experience of awe and wow. Excitement, ecstasy, happiness, bliss are stages during the journey. It takes efforts to fulfill a dream and the result is a sweet spot that can’t be described objectively. It is more than the sum of its parts.

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