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Good and bad, right and wrong are perceptions

Good and bad BalanceGood and bad are individual perceptions; two sides of same coin. The purpose of bad is to complement the good. If there is no hatred in this world, there can’t be any love too. While love is a positive emotion, hatred is a negative emotion. Yet the feeling of love can’t exist in a person without invoking hatred. The more you are capable of loving, the more you are capable of hating, since the source of love and hatred is the same – passion. A man without passion can experience neither love nor hatred.

“Everything in this world seems to be created in pairs. If there is a man, there is a woman—in almost equal numbers. In the same way, there is pleasure with pain, love with hatred, wisdom with ignorance, passion with repulsion, ecstasy with depression, and so on. The world seems to have been divided into two attributes—good and evil. Even God seems to be divided–God Himself and His counterpart—the Devil.”

Nature has created the universe with balance. Imbalance leads to turmoil and realignment of natural forces. Excess of any thing is bad. It is akin to flipping of a coin with head turning into tail.

Right or wrong, good or bad is a personal perception based on belief and context.

Thinking makes good and badThe perception of what is good and bad or right and wrong is personal based on one’s belief system. A belief is an internal feeling that something is true, even though that belief may be unproven or irrational.  Belief is a subjective truth, one’s world view. A lens through which we make a sense of this world in our own way. Belief is what helps a person to decide what is good and bad, right and wrong. It plays a key role both in our lives and in business. It influences the choice we make and propel the decision of buyers, sellers, regulators etc. Belief system helps to understand what motivation is and why an individual does what he or she does.

Mostly people do the right thing as per their own framework of right, though many others don’t see it right. The definition of ‘Right things’ is a personal perception, referred as beliefs. What is right for me may or may not be right for the other person I am dealing with.

Context plays a big part in determining good and bad, right and wrong. Same behaviour may be perceived differently in different contexts.

Example: Consider the following listed different contexts under which one individual kills another. Judge for yourself under which context killing is right as to under which context killing seems to be wrong-

  • In a battle field killing an enemy soldier
  • In a battle field after capturing the enemy soldier
  • In a scuffle with opposite group
  • To protect himself from intruders
  • To protect your family from assailant
  • In a road accident with drunken driving

The list can go on and on. Different people will judge each of these situations differently.


Empathy towards different opinions will help your relationships and business alike. Empathy

Compassion is Dharma and makes you human. Compassion is defined as sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Let’s work towards enhancing empathy and compassion in our society starting with self.


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