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How Much Money is Enough

When it is Enough Money

“The majority of us aren’t born with big bank accounts, but we are born with time. Time is the real currency of life, and the value of our time—what we can acquire for its exchange—is our most important asset.”

It is not what but why you do itIt doesn’t matter what you do for a living. What matters is why you do it.”

Figuring out your “enough” is extremely important, but something that few people take the time to do. So they instead continue to run on a wheel that leads nowhere, hoping that expelling more energy somehow propels them along further than they were before.

Whether today, next decade or in 35 years, once you stop (or slow down) employment you are always “leaving money on the table.” The point isn’t to work until your fatality; rather the point is to achieve enough – both in a financial and personal sense. The end game isn’t the largest number you can think of, it’s the freedom to do what you please.

The incremental value oDollar vs Timef money decreases as you obtain more of it. Depending upon situation, more money could actually be a hindrance if you exchange it for too much time at the cost of ignoring other choices you wish to spend time on.

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. Life is full of trade-offs, but none of which are more commonly misunderstood or just generally accepted as money for time. And it’s rather unfortunate. People truly don’t understand how
valuable or finite time is until it’s almost gone.

A life is worth more than money. It is worth more than what you leave behind in your bank account. It is worth the ideas, the knowledge, tHow you livedhe religion, and the lifestyle that a person leaves behind for their children.  A human life can never have a price. Life is worth what you make it.

Knowing purpose in life provides the groundwork for every action in life, and directs a person towards a goal, and towards a purposeful existence. Once this is figured out, everything else just makes sense, decisions are easier to make, and all pieces of the puzzle (life) fall into place.

Due to the extreme personalization required to attain the knowledge of one’s purpose, and the benefits that it brings, it is quite expensive: a person can spend a lifetime learning about it, and many don’t find it before it’s their time to go.

Money cannot quite buy it but numerous life coaches and invaluable life experience can point the person in the right direction.
If the purpose of life changes – due to a life event – then it was not the correct purpose to start with and pushing the person to start over. Purpose in life will further shape person’s self-worth, independence, view of self and that of the world, and will even be the determining factor when taking one’s life (people who have a purpose in life do not end it, people without one usually do).

Perspective is difficult to achieve and maintain at a young age. But I do know that life is way too short and valuable to be spent only in toiling away in an office when life is meant to be lived.

Life in your Years


Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending

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    Sep 06, 2016
    Dear Rakesh, Understanding the purpose of life is little difficult, but it depends on persons, Yes knowing the enough is very important. If we practically look at life at random population, sometimes life is stuck with having less money due to different personal and professional reasons and have to run for money through out life.
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    Rakesh Gupta
    Sep 06, 2016
    Dear Varunram The feeling of less money stops you in your track and you don't even start the activity. spending some time to seriously analyse and define how much helps significantly. we must challenge the assumptions that are giving you a sense that significant money is required to accomplice what you want. More often than not, the real need is far less than we presume.

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