June 29, 2016 No Comments

Journey or destination – which is more critical to success

  • Each of the individual employee as well as each stakeholder, though working in and for a same organisation, have different personal objectives and hence travelling to different individual destinations. They come together for a period wherein their journey is passing through same route.
  • When the management focus is on organisational destination (i.e., annual targets- an internal focus), other stakeholders find it difficult to connect their objectives with company’s objective – A misalignment and hence, an opportunity lost.
  • Focussing on happiness of each stakeholder (i.e. external focus) in the journey enables better connect & better collaboration; various stakeholders see achievement of their own goals getting closer and thus feel happier, resulting in easier and faster achievement of the organisational targets; and could aspire for bigger targets in next cycle.


Happiness of individual stake holders is what I followed during my tenure at Allianz with unprecedented high level of engagement with customers, employees and regulating agencies alike.

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