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Knowledge a Reflection of Past – Wisdom of Future


While knowledge is a reflection of our past,  wisdom enables us to shape our future.

The data bits and bytes in our mind get connected with others and forms a pattern. The stages of this evolution are data, information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. While the first four are related to experiences in the past, it is the wisdom that enables us to deal with the future.

Data: Facts and figures. Data represents a fact or statement of an event without any established co-relation with other events.

Information: A set of collated bits and bytes that are processed and considered to be useful; embodies the understanding of a relationship of some sort, possibly cause and effect; resolve answers to “who”, “what”, “where”, and “when” questions.

Knowledge: Application of data and information; enables resolution of “how” questions; gained by applying and practicing the theory – the bookish learning. Knowledge represents a pattern that connects data points and enables us to predict what is described or what will happen next.

Understanding: An appreciation of “why”; the rationale that explains the knowledge gained.

Wisdom: Assessed understanding based on a repository of real-life experiences with good/ bad association. Wisdom embodies an understanding and appreciation of fundamental principles embedded in the knowledge.

The first four stages of evolution relate to the past as they deal with what has been or what is known. Only the wisdom, deals with the future. While knowledge helps in grasping the past,  wisdom help shape the future. Wisdom isn’t easy; It is gained with the repeated experience under different circumstances or advice from a trusted guru and/or leader.


Evolution of observations as knowledge and Wisdom

The Onion Theory

Knowledge & experience of an object is like a multi-layered onion, an infinite spiraling loop. The next layer is exposed only and only after peeling off the previous layer. Each ring is a layer of knowledge and peeling is tantamount to gaining experience of that knowledge.

Every new experience enriches the knowledge and similarly, growing knowledge enriches the next experience. Each lower layer is richer, more colorful, and contains more power. Deeper the knowledge, richer the experience of that object. Similarly, the richer the experience, the higher the extent of knowledge acquired.

Peeling of Onion Rings –> Interlacing of Knowledge and Experience


Every object is like an onion. We have several layers on the top of a core which is deep inside. The onion analogy helps in a better and deeper understanding of object behavior benefiting in both personal and business life alike. These layers have the potential to protect us positively and help us to make our way in the world. At other times, they can present barriers to the realization of important needs and wants.

Each next layer forms the basis “Why”, the rationale behind the knowledge acquired in the previous layer shattering the emotional attachments with that knowledge. Peeling an onion typically results in tears. The newly exposed layer is fresh, shining, pungent aroma, sticky, and slippery simultaneously.

Eating onions by themselves is difficult but they spice up many dishes that we love to consume. The same is the case with knowledge. It is the application of knowledge that spices up the outcome.

Ultimately, the last layer or onion contains nothing literally nothing but it is the most powerful as it has all the knowledge and wisdom to make each onion piece behave exactly in the same manner.

In summary, wisdom enhances the effectiveness of our actions; acts as a guide in shaping our future, making us masters of our own destiny.


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