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Leaders Inspire managers Motivate

There is a world of difference between motivation and inspiration and thus the quality of efforts and outcome between the two.

Motivation is the push. Inspiration is the pull.

Inspiration is internal, driven by your vision and dream. Inspiration is when your spirit, i.e. mind and heart, are aligned with soul propelling you ahead against all odds and challenges to achieve your dream destination.

Motivation is external stimulus and always looking for the next high. Usually, motivation requires a kick in the butt from self or another, in order to reach a stated goal. Motivation has its place when you need to get a job done, stay focused on a short term goal or even just push yourself to finish your workout.

Motivation will always first ask “how?” or “what?”, inspiration will always come back to questions that first ask “who?” or “why?”.

Motivation pushes from behind, inspiration pulls you towards a future you want.

Motivation is about control: controlling your feelings, actions, steps. When control is lost, we can lose our motivation or will power. Worse yet, we can even pass judgment on ourselves for what we didn’t accomplish. Inspiration is about knowing when to guard, what is important and when to lean into life for the bigger picture of what you value and want to create.

Self–motivation is a little better, because it involves more free choice. If you are tired of being overweight, then more exercise and a better diet is a positive step in the right direction. What usually happens with self–motivation is that we begin with good intentions, and lose interest before very long.

Many times confuse short term motivation with inspiration. There is no better time than the present to take a minute and ask what truly inspires you – take the steps needed today to begin to move towards that future. Working towards an inspired future changes everything!

You deserve it. We all do.

Managers who can inspire teams with their vision for the team and the organisation are the ones who rise to become natural leaders.

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