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Leadership : Planning for success

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Failure often occurs due to lack of planning. Sit through, think intensely and plan out things is among the difficult thing for most people. Thinking, analyzing, planning are the bane of most humans because, it is intellectually demanding, pretty tiring and often quite boring.

Most commitments are made based on optimism, hunches and guesstimates. Over 90% of the cases there is hardly any underlying plan.

My recommended approach: Do not accept commitments on face value. Demand deliberations on the underlying assumptions and planning. The devil is in the detail. No details means the commitment stands on a weak foundation.

Verbal plans should be unacceptable. A documented plan based on assumptions, logic, and responsibility should be the start point. Who does what, where, when, why and how must be clearly documented.

All responsible people as per the plans must be consulted and they should confirm their acceptance and commitment to the plan in writing. People are more careful when they have to sign off on a document. Remember job is not finished till the paper work is done

Assuming that you have competent management team, simply support the team with necessary resources and keep out of the way while keeping an eye on the ball. Review frequently. Remember that, “What is not reviewed is not done”

Effective planning makes life easier enabling the leader to deal with multitude of projects and issues. This pragmatic way leads to ON TIME completion rate to dramatically high level with practice.

This style is akin to duck in the water – Serene and calm on the surface but paddling hard below the water.

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