by Priya Kumar

“License to Live” is an inspirational thriller on a roller coaster ride, a journey towards finding greatness within and creating the life of your dreams, at the same time entertaining, as well as packed with insights on finding your highest self in present time.

Discover within oneself:

  • Taking responsibility of your life; Living in the present while charting your own future
  • Putting your past behind to stand tall in the present
  • Creating a future without fear and doubts
  • Listening to your own voice – following your own path
  • Surviving people you don’t understand
  • Solving situations you seem to have no control over
  • Finding greatness in your daily choices
  • Putting an end to your fake helplessness

The book helps open your mind. Your future is in your hands and no one else, take responsibility of the present and stop the blame game and fake helplessness.

My take away from the book is very simple, let go the dark past, hold onto the past you would want to cherish. Imagine both your dreams and the nightmare. Develop set of initiatives to improve chances of living your dreams and in parallel the initiatives to reduce risk of finding yourself in scenario painted in your nightmares. Enjoy the present in executing these initiatives.

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