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My aspiration is to help Individuals, aspiring leaders or corporate, all those seeking guidance to help achieve their own dreams by sharing my belief systems and secrets of my success as a leader.

During my long career at the helm of corporate world, I have been advocating among my colleagues and employees about self-improvement, positive thinking & motivation; about Indian mythology and leadership. These beliefs and behavior has helped me immensely during my career and I am highly pleased with thousands of life that I could help improve.

In early 2003 I was tasked with to establish an off-shore facility for Allianz-UK at Technopark in Trivandrum, Kerala, giving me a life time opportunity, my long cherished dream of establishing an institution that many would be proud to be associated with; An institution with focus on happiness of other stake holders rather than the traditional approach of chasing profit or growth. In the process organization achieved unprecedented success combining growth and profit which were way ahead of industry peers and above all the happiness of stake holders who felt highly proud to be associated with. The customers promoted the services and employees attracted potential employees resulting in highly cost effective operations. [ACIS, A success story]

Now my life ambition is to share my learning and success mantras with many more aspiring individuals and leaders. I wish to write book(s), hopefully popular too, that could help improve the lives of many more thousands of netizens. This web site is intended to be home for my efforts in pursuit of my ambitions and dreams

I wish to focus on the “how to”, and on the skills and inner power that people need for achieving success & improving their own lives. My writing and guidelines are intended to be essence of my years of personal experience and the sustainable happiness all round that followed.

In my college days I miserably failed in the competitive challenges to meet the family expectations leading to a self determination to prove myself.  I developed an earnest interest and enthusiasm for inner growth, and did my best to utilize every available moment to read and study, and to practice what I learned. I became a determined and confident individual, seeking and accepting the bigger challenges. I had no money but was seeking my own jungle.  This behavior seems to have instilled confidence in some people, who willingly took risk on a young guy by appointing me CEO at early age of 32.

Recently I took a bold step, to quit a well-paying corporate job and start sharing my learning. Time will tell how much I succeed in the pursuit of my life ambition. I believed in myself, and so did many others, who encouraged me to take this step. After quitting my job, I began writing on LinkedIn & Facebook and now this web site, a home for my writings.


My aim is to provide guidance to help people grow stronger, think positively, and live a better, happier, and more successful life, achieve leadership traits to be successful in corporate career.

I believe in pragmatic working methods, and this is what I try to offer in my articles.

You can create change, improvement and success at any age, young or old, if you have inside you the flame of desire to do things. Even the sky is no limit.

Consider this website as a pleasant place for knowledge, tools, motivation, and inspiration to improve your life, and grow materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I wish my readers, a happy life ahead

Rakesh Gupta




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