My Dream is to improve awareness about the Indian Vedic management in the modern world, specifically in India where it is aligned to our age old beliefs and culture.

I wish to do my bit to promote the Indian management philosophy, the secret of my success as a leader and as a person. While ACIS has been a success story [ACIS, A success story] and a dream come true for me, now my dream is help Indian businesses and corporates to imbibe the Indian philosophies, align with local culture & belief and start the march towards greater and faster success.

I sensed and many told me that I was doing something magical, which was leading to sustained success at ACIS [ACIS, A success story] for 13 long years with extremely happy set of stakeholders.

When I read some of the articles of Mr Devdutt, I sensed that he is putting a rational theory to a variety of initiatives and practices that I was introducing in the company.

I realized that “my business belief framework” was quiet in line with that he was trying to revive. A belief system aligned with Indian culture and beliefs. I started following his writing and the influence of his writings continued to grow on me to the extent that I felt a urge to write and share my own experiences in the context of management using his framework.

The management philosophy in our scriptures is far more evolved than the present modern management philosophy. Unfortunately the knowledge about our own heritage has been lost over the generations as India was ruled by different cultures and religions.

Off-late Devdutt Pattanaik has been making sincere efforts to revive the awareness about the knowledge hidden in our scriptures. He has made his marks by writing many books and speaking at many forums. The awareness has improved indeed not only in India but in the western world as well. I wish to spread this knowledge further as far and wide as I am able to, particularly its application in the area of leadership and management in Indian context. The management sciences will be richer by incorporating the rich world of mythology and belief system.

With a rich blend of western management practices and far more evolved philosophies from Indian scriptures, we can localise and align the management practices to Indian context and culture.

I can vouch and so will be many of my colleagues at Allianz that adapting Indian culture and practices gives you unprecedented and sustainable success. I believe Indian business leaders can leap frog the western world and help take Indian businesses and economy to its deserved place. Through this web site and sharing, I wish to do my bit to promote the Indian management philosophies and look forward to a movement to adapt the same. Similar to yoga, an Indian philosophy which is going global, Indian management practices could be the next big thing!

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