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Nature and the Jungle Law

Nature runs on jungle law where might is right. Survival of the fittest. Big fish eats the small. Where other animal is either a prey or a predator. Survival is a big challenge. Fight or flight is strategy for survival, sink or swim, learn to fly or die trying


Law of jungle or animal instinct: allowed to be territorial. Exploit the weak.  Might is right. No animal ‘wants’ to be dominant. It follows its instinct: dominating when it can, submitting when it should. There is no pride in winning or shame in losing. It is nature’s way. There is no concept of fairness in Nature. But not so in the human world. Certainly not in the business world.


Civilization: Humans are the creatures on the earth who can choose to overturn the law of jungle, to outgrow the beast within and be civilized. Fighting this eternal struggle is our ability to imagine. Imagine a better place. Imagine a better world. Imagination amplifies the joy as well as it amplifies our fears.


We will not submit to the law of nature. We will help the helpless. Imagination is what differentiate human from animals otherwise humans are 99% animal.

Remember the Human

Dharma: Empathy and compassion to others i.e. outgrow the beast within

Adharma: Exploit the weaker section. Others does not matter. Me, mine is only thing that matters to me.

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