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Only effortless leadership is sustainable

You can’t lead people when you have to constantly supervise them and manage them. You can lead only when they are inspired to do what you want them to do

The first thing to know about leadership, is that leadership is simply the act of taking responsibility. Most people walk around reactive, taking cues from their surroundings, and when you actually dare to lead and take responsibility for an outcome, you will find that they are usually quite eager to follow your lead. Following is simply the easier (and thus default) path for most. Even as you learn to take charge, be aware not to make it a necessity: It is important to live your life deliberately and aware of your ability to always take initiative of a situation, but it’s a poor use of resources to have to lead everything all the time – particularly when you are able to find wise and trusted people that you can let go of control to for specific circumstances.

When you do take the lead, by all means respect the brilliantProduce more leaders individuals in the group – coolness is largely the
skill of enabling others to grow and get credit – but always be aware that individuals are bright but crowds typically clueless, because the great majority of individuals wait for permission.

While the simple act of taking responsibility is the most essential part of leadership, you will find that authority comes more and more easily as others come to trust in your wisdom, your communication and your ability to genuinely act in their best interest and empower them by your decisions. While I will always encourage you to respect your own wants and needs first, because that enables you to be even more for others, both your social standing and your abilities as a leader are often defined by your ability to empower others.

Whatever may be nature of activity that we have chosen for our life, if we wish to be leaders in those situations, the first thing is we must be able to lead not by words, trickery or cunning, but by example? Fundamentally, your ability to lead people means your ability to take people in a particular direction that you wish, to a particular goal. If this has to happen, you must be able to inspire them to go on in that direction by themselves in that direction. If you have to constantly keep them in line to get job done, it is going to be hugely difficult to remain a leader.

And as the team grows or the kind of teamVision+Follower+Influence
that you manage goes beyond physical contact, leading people is going to be very difficult if you can’t lead them by inspiration. You can’t lead people when you have to constantly supervise and manage them. You lead people only when they are inspired to do what you want them to do – so inspired that they do more than you thought of doing. Only then leadership becomes effortless process. In the process many team members earn their leadership competencies and organisation scales up.


When it is real it is effortlessIf you have to inspire people to do whatever is required of them, the very way you exist must be that kind of an example that people naturally stand up and want to do things that need to be done. Otherwise there is no leadership and people will lose trust and faith in your leadership.


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