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Organizational Mind

Every living entity has a mind. So does every organization. Whether aware or not, natural leaders have an inherent competency to influence and synchronize the organizational mind for the good of the organization.

Oxygen is a metabolic process, but the fact that oxygen in the atmosphere owes its existence as much to life as life owes its existence to it is often overlooked. It was life itself that created an oxygenated atmosphere and continues to maintain it.

Organizational-mind is an example similar to oxygen. Whether we know about it not, whether we believe in it or not, the fact is that organizational-mind exists and is created by the individual member themselves. When coherent it helps and when out of sync, it is bound to hurt.

Every individual wants to do the right thing. It is the perception of what is right that varies from one person to another. Every individual makes his choices based on their filters – senses, and memory resulting in a difference in choices.

A coherent organizational mind keeps the organization’s attention focused on its purpose and unifies the collective will to succeed. In contrast to what we come across in most of the organizations where people are unknowingly, sometimes even knowingly, working for cross purposes and thus effectively reduce the total potential of the organization.

Coherent Organizational Mind



 Incoherent Organizational Mind


The harnessing of organizational mind and heart results in intrinsic motivation driven behavior aligned to the vision and mission of the organization.

It is highly sought-after freedom of action coupled with a sense of being trusted, appreciated, respected, and invested and thus, highly engaged to the level of being self-actualized bringing out the best in an employee. A high level of engagement aligns the individual interests with that of the organization. Absence of which, though many may not be even aware of, happens to be the biggest dampener of performance and potential of most organizations.

A common understanding and shared decision making, means now each of the employees is a leader or a potential leader. With a feel of co-ownership, the employee starts behaving with a sense of ownership ‘My company’.

The coherence of the organizational mind is a scenario when the idea that the organization stands for starts gathering focussed attention from employees resulting, on one hand, an invincible fort and secondly goes far distance like a laser with complete flexibility.  The size of the cake itself expands. The organization accomplishes far more with less. Much less supervision required as employees are self-motivated, have freedom of action, and thus feel responsible and accountable to themselves like any owner feels.

Flood gates to a hidden treasure of unlimited human potential are unlocked with a combination of best foot forward by the individual coupled with exponentially compounding with the coherence in the organizational mind.

In short, the harnessing of the organizational mind is a key to access an infinite treasure of energy; extends freedom to human talent, invokes the passion that differentiates the leader from the manager in any crowd.

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