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Pehle Dil jeeto Phir Demag  I.e. Alignment of Heart and Mind


There is a significant and perceptible positive change in the human behavior when the heart is convinced and aligned with the idea. Heart feels good about it.

When mind and heart are aligned, wonderful things happen with both customers and employees feeling happy and delighted. None of the quality system anywhere in the globe can come anywhere close. Eventually, the through-put is much higher with much better outcome.

Sharing of “Why” ahead of “what and how” is one of the biggest factors of success. All big leaders have this common trait.

All aspiring leaders as well as the organisations must learn the art of winning hearts of their team members.



  • Trust: When heart is convinced, a bond or a trust sets-in leading to gut-feel and presence of a feel-good factor. Person works with devotion and passion.

When our heart and mind are aligned, a connection is made with our spirit, the soul. We start “owning up” the idea and we not only do it voluntarily but also improvise for the better, because we believe this is the right thing to do!

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  • We are human, please acknowledge, appreciate and respect our intelligence: All human beings have the power of imagination and intelligence. Intelligence is what differentiates the humans from the animals. We work together, collaborate to achieve combined goals and pass on knowledge to each other. So every generation begins its journey from the shoulders of the previous generation and not from scratch. We feel better when our intelligence is recognized and allowed to flourish.


  • Why we exist? Why we want to do what we want to do?: A leader should share and explain the rationale of existence of the organisation, its purpose and the context. Employees will then understand why they should come to office and deliver quality work.
  • Role, Identity and Value addition by an individual: It’s human tendency to yearn for “me” and “my identity”. Identifying and acknowledging their value contribution gives them a sense of happiness and belonging. Sharing the big picture and establishing a link between the piece of work they do with the customer, helps them to realize the value of their contribution. They can then visualize the value of the work they do and its impact on the organisational performance. Eventually forming a well-knit story where an individual can figure out the character they are playing in the organisational success story – Aligning their mind with the heart.


In summary

  • One of the best as well as an easiest way to get better throughput from employees, friends or family is to win their hearts ahead of their mind i.e., sharing the reason and rational (“Why”), followed by “What” and “How”.


  • The leaders and the organisations alike should find ways to acknowledge and leverage employees’ intelligence and imagination for better through-put and success

Treat employees and they would make diff









Starts inside out. It starts with Why




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