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Shakti and Durga, Currencies of Emotional Power

We as individuals seek both i.e. the internal power called Shakti and the external power called Durga. Shakti is our inner strength. Durga is the strength that we get from outside. Praise, for example, empowers us Shakti-inner Stregthbecause we get Durga from outside. Insults disempowers us, we feel stripped of Durga by our critics. Thus Durga is a currency of exchange, just like wealth or Lakshmi. In all human interactions, there is exchange of Durga. We have a vast supply of Durga to give, but we rarely take advantage of it. Instead we are too busy taking power.Durga-Praise

While striving towards the goal, majority of manager’s get so focused on their own goal that they fail to realize that it is not the goal of those around them, the employees. They are not even aware of the goal that employee is chasing, whether it aligns to what manager want or not. Employees are seen as ‘resources’ – domesticated animals who have to do as been instructed. A disempowered team is unable to reach its goal. No one wins.

A motivational talk grants power to people, Durga-emotional needsmakes them feel they can do it. Not everyone has Shakti, most rely on Durga from external sources. External sources are never as good as an inner source but that is okay. As a leader, you have to acknowledge their needs, provide for them, so that they will give you what you want.

Anger is a sign of helplessness. And you are
helpless because you are unable to see this invisible transaction in your space. You Shakti-all in ide-Vivekanandwant them to deliver (give you Lakshmi) but your shouting and screaming and insults is creating an ecosystem where nothing thrives. Fear works only until people have another option. Then, they quit.


Consciously work towards enhancing your inner Shakti while making liberal use of Durga.

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    Jul 27, 2016
    Thanks a lot Rakesh for equating the strength of both Shakti and Durga. If every aspiring leader can start imbibing this sense of knowledge then we can build a great ecosystem for our next generation.

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