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The Goodness in being Good

Moral, virtuous, righteous actions are Goodness-1referred as ‘good’ and hence a person
possessing these qualities is referred as good man. Similarly the word ‘evil’ is defined as immoral, wicked, harmful or injurious and the person committing such acts referred as evil man.

Our good and evil deeds are evaluated in the perspective of the society at large than for the self. The words moral, virtuous and righteous are such that the benefit the society more than the self.

By helping others we are actually helping ourselves, for what we get in return is more often than not, more than what we have given. The reciprocation of the benefits may not be immediate and it may take time for the good deeds to bear fruits like a tree planted by us takes years to bear fruits.

When you do well to others without seeking anything in return, you are considered to be a good man and people develop faith in you. Goodness They would like to return the favour as soon as they can. Therefore when you are in need, they help you even without your call. There is no written or oral understanding to return the favour. The whole transaction is based on trust and faith. Hence the performance of good deed is not possible without faith and trust in others. Only those who sows the seeds of trust reaps the harvest may enjoys the bliss of love and Karma is a rubber bandhappiness. What goes around, comes back around. What you sow is what you reap.

Evil deeds similarly, harm others even though these acts may provide instant gratification to us. The result is that that the people, who are harmed by our acts knowingly or unknowingly pay us back in the same coin and harm us as and when the opportunity comes their way. We soon develop the reputation of being an evil person whom no one wants to help and most people are looking for opportunities to harm us. We suffer as we may not get help in the time of our needs. The evil deeds thus ultimately harm the doer himself. Though the harm may not be immediate as even thorn takes time to grow and produce more thorns. The evil person may get pleasure in the short run but ends up paying far more than he would bargained for.

In the fast pace of life we hardly have time to think or introspect what we are actually doing. We should remember that –One day life will give us a flashback. Its on us to make it worth watching ! Besides it, an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind !!

There are definite benefits of doing good deeds even if there is no heaven since the fruits of good deeds are reaped in this world itself. Similarly, the consequence of evil deeds are also to be suffered here in this world itself.

If the heaven or hell really does exist, then it would be icing on the cake since after enjoying the fruit of your good or evil deed in this world, you may also enjoy the heaven or hell accordingly after you depart from this world. Further if you do believe in re-birth than it triple benefit.

Do we need any more good reason to be good!!!

Good Strong

Excerpts from a “Good and Evil, two sides of same coin” by Dr Awdhesh Singh



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