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The MORE you give the MORE you GET!

only-by-giving-you-get-moreDoes that sound bizzare to you. Actually it is true. Check it out by trying it your self. You cannot out-give the universe. When you give, it may not come back to you from where or whom you think it should, but it always does. The energy you put out will always recirculate and find its perfect way back to you. Trust life.

Regardless of income, those who spent money on others were decidedly happier than those who spent only on themselves.

No one has ever become poor by giving.;

When you give, you expand and create space. when-you-give-yourself-you-get-moreThe more you give, the more space to receive. When you don’t give or hold back, you’re living out of fear, you block yourself from the natural flow of life, and, as a result, you reinforce scarcity.

If you want love, give it the best you can. If you want to grow your business, help those around you grow theirs. If you want certain connections and contacts, share yours with others.

feeling-helpless-help-some-oneAs you give, you reinforce that the universe is abundant, and you move yourself into a prosperous flow. So dare to give what you love the most.

Ever notice that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you surprise someone with a gift? Or when you give some donations to the needy?  Your heart feels satiated and you feel like you were part of something bigger than yourself.  *But it’s so fun to get presents!!* Yes I hear you there, but it is much more satisfying to give presents and deep down we all know it.

Giving stimulates the happy chemical in your brain

It lifts your spirits. A feel-good factor sets in. Just like when giving hugs or having chocolates, the hormone oxytocin floods your body when you give. It induces a feeling of pleasure, ecstasy warmth, satisfaction, a heightened sense of connection towards others and even euphoria. You feel lighter with spring in your steps.

Giving brings about a feeling of abundance and you get what you believe in

When you give or spend generously, you start encouraging an abundance mind-set that allows you to give and receive freely. The opposite of this would be the scarcity mind-set. You make space by spending. The universe responds by giving you more to spend.

Good will of beneficiaries

The beneficiaries wish and pray for your continued generosity and extend help in whatever manner they can.

Self-fulfilling prophesy

The action leads to a felt need and desire to earn enough to sustain this habit of generosity and lo behold you start earning more. There is no magic. It just works. Why not experiment and test it out for yourself by being generous among your friends, family and relatives. Gift and donate. Not only you start earning more but the behaviour leads to

  • More friends hanging around you, looking up to for help and guidance, you acquire a natural leadership
  • You are been referred as good guy, you like it and start proving you are good
  • Happiness that comes along is icing on the cake and it rubs on many thing around you leading to all round gain and support

Why not taste some happiness? Next time you pay the bill for the group outing of your friends voluntarily.

smileyHappy Giving




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