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Turn Your Weaknesses in Strengths

In a perfect world only, we could be good at everything needed to have a successful business and a successful life.

In real world and real life, we all have to accept that we’re good at some, just about OK at others, and pretty bad at some even through these skills are critical and important for success. Particularly for aspiring entrepreneur, this can be highly frustrating as many believe that they have to be good at everything because they’re the only one who can lead the company to success and life of everyone around is depending upon them. Well, guess what? You can’t be good at everything, and there is no one else in the world either.

These weaknesses are caused by the lack of a skill or certain knowledge. Not knowing how to drive a car or being a bad orator, are certainly weaknesses. Other weaknesses come down to our personalities. Some people are shy, overconfident or temperamental. Weaknesses can also be in the form of physical or mental handicaps such as a learning disability or being restricted to a wheelchair. Some of our weaknesses are obvious to others and some of our weaknesses can be kept hidden from plain view. Weaknesses can be minor inconveniences easily avoided in daily life or they can be major obstructions requiring us to reorganize our lives to compensate for them.

So what can you do? Find ways to turn your biggest weaknesses into strengths. Here’s how:

Recognize and accept your weaknesses: First and foremost accept the weakness exists. You can’t turn a weakness into a strength till you accept the weakness exists in first place.

Hire the skills you personally lack: Instead of doing something you’re not good at, you’re better off hiring someone with the skills you lack. Besides compensating for your weakness, this will help you build up an important skill you need–finding employees you can trust and then trusting them. There’s no bigger test of trust than giving someone a task you don’t fully understand and then getting out of the way. And no better way to empower the people who work for you

Be positive: Changing ourselves in order to Turn weakness to strengthbecome better is difficult- very difficult. However these weaknesses can be turned into strengths with a very simple tool: the right mind-set. What if instead of trying to eliminate our weaknesses, we embraced them for what they were?

Think about your biggest weaknesses at work and in life. What qualities are you most unhappy about? Of the following list of 16 typical weaknesses, look carefully and choose the three that resonate most with you:

  • Impatient
  • Disorganized
  • Arrogant
  • Inflexible
  • Stubborn
  • Unrealistic
  • Inconsistent
  • Indecisive
  • Obnoxious
  • Emotionless
  • Shy
  • Irresponsible
  • Boring
  • Negative
  • Intimidating
  • Weak

Got your three biggest weaknesses? Great. (Don’t be too depressed, the rest of this activity is more fun). Next, look at the below list, find the same three weaknesses, and look at the traits to the right of each of your three biggest weaknesses:

  • Impatient —> Passionate
  • Disorganized —> Creative
  • Arrogant —> Self-Confident
  • Inflexible —> Organized
  • Stubborn —> Dedicated
  • Unrealistic —> Positive
  • Inconsistent —> Flexible
  • Indecisive —> Patient
  • Obnoxious —> Enthusiastic
  • Emotionless —> Calm
  • Shy —> Reflective
  • Irresponsible —> Adventurous
  • Boring —> Responsible
  • Negative —> Realistic
  • Intimidating —> Assertive
  • Weak —> Humble

The three qualities to the right of your three weaknesses are actually strengths as well.

 Biggest weakness - biggest strength

Hidden in your weaknesses are your strengths. Every weakness has a corresponding strength.

Did it resonate with you? If it did then it’s your turn. Do you agree with strengths corresponding with your weaknesses accurate? What are your greatest weaknesses – and strengths? What are the takeaways for you at work and in life?


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