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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Solutions to the world crisis

Source of Criminality

Why are people not good? Why do people lie and cheat? Why is there so much corruption in this world? Why is the media filled with only the negative news of crimes, murder and rapes? Is there nothing good that is happening in this world? Why is the present generation most frustrated despite being the beneficiary of the rapid growth of material comforts and prosperity? Why are we bored despite having electronic media to entertain us 24X7, social networking sites to connect us to all our friends and electronic media and internet to help us know everything that is going on in this world?
The frustration of modern generation is not only coming from outside world but also from inside. We are not being able to become what we wish to be. In their attempt to become good and do good to others, often ends up becoming more and more evil. Good and evil may look different from each other but they come from same source like man and women being different but born of same parents.

Rule of Law

One of the basic difference man-made-laws and the laws of nature is that the laws of nature are universal and natural requiring no efforts in implementation.


  1. Weeds grows in spite of efforts to remove them where as the man made gardens and parks requires significant efforts and safe keeping.
  2. Darkness is natural and omnipresent. Lighting needs efforts. As soon as the light is diminished, the darkness returns.

Laws of nature apply equally to all species there is no concept of fairness in Nature. Man-made laws are almost always in conflict with the Natural laws.

Criminals are, as a matter of fact creation of civilised world. In uncivilised world, there would be no laws and hence no criminals.

Temptation of the forbidden, the excitement and challenges that comes with it are reasons behind most of the corruptions. Man wants to taste the forbidden fruit and then decide for themselves if the fruit is good or evil.

The civilised society runs on basis of laws passed by parliament or the rulers. Every law forbids something. There are no positive laws.

Every law forbids an act which arises from the basic instinct of the human beings. These acts are permitted freely in the animal kingdom and the man being evolved from animals can’t overcome these natural instincts just because these are forbidden by law. Sometimes force of attraction or temptation is beyond the power to resist.

Lack of compassion and Humanity

The selfish behaviour is societies has reached quiet a high proportions in general across the world but specifically in poor and eastern countries including India. “What is in it for me” has led to inhumane behaviour.

Poor and powerless have neither any thing to lose nor to dream about. For them path of criminality is easy success in pursuit of their money and power. The irony is that route to criminal world is a one way road. Once a criminal, only way system allows you to come out is with your death, the ultimate peace.

The poor and powerless feels powerful by breaking the law while rich and powerful What is terrorismfeels they are above the law and the laws are meant for the poor and powerless only. The crime-reduction is unlikely to be addressed by making and enforcing rules. The better mechanism is strengthening in general belief in age old Vedic concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, an Indian belief, means that the whole earth and species are one family. It is a social philosophy emanating from a spiritual understanding that the whole of humanity is made of one life energy. We should have compassion towards other humans, animals and Climate.

All our needs are basically three-fold: Business, Social, and Spiritual. We all want to basically fulfil our survival, social and spiritual needs. We all act and interact with one another in some way and try to make this world a better and beautiful place to live.

Are we all different and dependent? No, we are not. Are we all then independent? No, we are not. We all are in fact interdependent. It is now after a scientific progress of 400 years that the scientists of the whole world are of this view that the whole cosmos is an inter-connected oneness. The whole existence is inter-woven and inter-twined.

I and you together means “We”. We means the whole world. We means Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. We all are inter-connected with that common thread called the Consciousness.


The prime objective of a Government or a leader in an organisation should be to promote and work towards the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The moment there is a gap in the feeling of oneness in the society it may give rise to injustice and depletion of peace in the society and the same may have many other repercussions.

Change if any has to start with in. Some of us deciding to change, have compassion for others; gradually becoming a movement. The society will be better place to live and more harmonious.

Excerpts from a “Good and Evil, two sides of same coin” by Dr Awdhesh Singh






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