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Vedas and Dharma

Nature is a continuum encompassing externally as the environment and internally as human nature. This continuum is referred to as Nature or Consciousness. Continuum is akin to the flow of a massive river outside and a rivulet inside.

The flow of Nature contributes either positively or negatively to human efforts. Harmonious thinking with Nature results in a positive contribution that results in a reduction of effort required. While human thinking against the tide of Nature results in a negative contribution and thus enhanced efforts required to accomplish the task.

The net efforts required to accomplish the task could range between the two extremes of low (human effort + Natural effort) when harmonious to a high of (human effort Natural effort) when against the tide. It is the extent of alignment that is known as Dharma.

Trust and faith in Vedic principles result in better alignment with Mother Nature and thus a disproportionately better and holistic outcome of efforts to accomplish the task.


Different terms are used for this internal and external continuum viz, subject-object, AtmaBrahman, Prakriti-Purusha, Yin-Yang, Real- Dream world, Universal-individual, etc.

Vedas (वेद)

Veda is the knowledge that connects our inner nature with that of Mother Nature. Vedas are the encyclopedia of our inner nature and external Mother Nature. Tuning in our inner voice with that of the others and Mother Nature is like sharpening your knife that enables one to finish the job easily, quickly, and cleanly.

The figure showing the relevance of Veda in the cycle of life.


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Dharma (धर्म)

Dharma or righteousness of action is a Vedic concept that signifies the extent of alignment between human thinking with that of Mother Nature. Dharmic Intent results in a holistic outcome.

Dharmic intents smoothen the path to accomplishment, results in a holistic outcome that includes happy stakeholders and palpable energy in the surroundings along with exceptional financial results.

The difficulties faced with Adharma action stand dissolved with Dharma. Challenges turn into opportunities, scarcity into plenty.

A frequent and easier accomplishment of intentions kick-starts a virtuous cycle of bigger intents and dreams with self-confidence and a stronger immune system to deal with the unknown challenges.

This virtuous cycle is a foundation of emerging naturally charismatic leaders.


Circle of care: Each one of us is a part of Nature, not all of it. Nature is the wholeness that among other things includes all of humanity. The extent of Dharma grows with the circle of care behind the intended action. Larger the circle of care, higher the supportive force of Nature making it easier to accomplish the intent.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkum is the Vedic principle embedded in circle of care.

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