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Vedic Leadership Principles for Organizational Success – a Case Study

Dear Erstwhile Colleagues,

Thx for sharing your experience at ACIS during my time. It has been more than 18 months since that survey. I along with Dr. Anil Maheswari, Prof at MUM, USA has been working on a new leadership paradigm based on Vedic Principles.

Your inputs validated the proposed leadership paradigm that resulted in our paper “Vedic Leadership Principles for Organizational Success – A Case Study” getting accepted by the Academy of Management, USA (AOM) for the annual conference 2020.

Here I am sharting the paper and a video presentation rekindling sweet memories and some of the Vedic Principles that formed the foundation of our success story.

  1. Youtube Link to a ppt presentation:  

2.  The Article:

Maheshwari and Gupta – Vedic Leadership – July 2020

I seek your continued support and blessings in this journey to improve awareness of Vedas and Vedic tenets for business management, a happier fulfilling life, and society.

Rakesh Gupta

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