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We see things, as we are.

What we often consider as truth, are in fact just our perceptions. Since perceptions are a creature of the mind, it reflects our thoughts, our biases. We perceive as per our preferences and our prejudices.

Whenever we judge people, it says little about that person being judged, but it says a lot about the person making the judgement. There are misfits everywhere and exception in all things. Generally when we see all people as bad, it is because we are basically bad. Or when we see people as compassionate it is because we are filled with compassion.

Where do our perceptions come from? There are two different routes for our perceptions to be formed and hence our character

One is our vertically given traits, which we inherit from our parents and formed out of our genetic makeup. A lamb will always be a lamb and it’s character and hence it’s perception will always to be timid.

The second is our horizontal acquired traits, which we obtain because of our social conditioning, the ones we learn from our parents, teachers, priests, relatives, friends, colleagues, and social experiences. This is why the company we keep influences the way we think, believe & act.

The traits acquired in childhood are the most ingrained and powerful. That is why, all organised religions show great interest in young children. The innocent and trusting young minds and souls can be moulded in any fashion. To be filled with wonder, goodness and hope or to be filled with toxic dogma of intolerance, hate and destruction.

Lord Buddha said, “We eventually see our selves in all beings and all beings in ourselves”.

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