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A hearty welcome!

Once up on a time, India was referred as golden bird, world leader both in spiritual as well as material wealth. The secret of success in that era were Indian beliefs and a culture of social harmony. An era where humans had compassion for other humans, animals and Nature. Happiness and peace index is the society were significantly higher. I believe Indian Heritage is a hidden treasure and its knowledge and adaptation is the key for India and Indian business to leapfrog the western world; we can reach the top slot in the global world order once again, in line with our glorious past.

The Indian Vedic knowledge, an Indian heritage and a hidden treasure is buried inside the Indian scriptures, communicated through the generations via rituals, symbols and stories is almost dead but for few scholars.

Dr. DevduttPattanaik is one such scholar who has decoded the stories, symbols and rituals buried in our scriptures, for the context of modern era. His efforts are resulting in improved awareness and revival of Indian Vedic knowledge in last few years. The movement needs to be sustained and promoted on similar lines as Yoga by various Yogic gurus and led by none other than Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.

I wish to join the movement Dr.Devdutt has started and do my bit to promote the Indian management philosophy, the secret of my success as a leader and as a person. I seek your help and support in my endeavor to promote our rich Indian heritage.

There is nothing religious. The Indian scriptures belong to all Indians, irrespective of religions. In case an idea or belief catches your fancy, touches your heart or soul, please go ahead and make it part of you. You will need to make conscious efforts to adapt the idea and change your belief. Certainly not an easy change though. And in case you don’t agree or don’t like a belief, please ignore it.

Please refer to FAQ for more on why and what to expect on this web site.  Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.  You may show your appreciation and encouragement by sharing your feedback, suggestion, queries and active participation in the discussion forums. Please register.


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My aspiration is to help Individuals, aspiring leaders and corporates, all those seeking guidance to help achieve their own dreams by sharing my belief systems and secrets of my success as a leader.

These beliefs and behavior has helped me immensely during my career and I am highly pleased with thousands of life that I could help improve. Please read more at My Aspirations and My Dreams

Now my life ambition is to share my learning and success mantras with many more aspiring individuals and leaders. Other than web site, I wish to write book(s), hopefully popular too, that could help improve the lives of many more thousands of humans. This web site is intended to be home for my efforts in pursuit of my ambitions and dreams


My aim is to promote Indian heritage of Vedic management mantras, provide guidance to help people grow stronger, think positively, and live a better, happier, and more successful life, achieve leadership traits to be successful in corporate career.

I believe in pragmatic working methods, and this is what I try to offer in my articles.

You can create change, improvement and success at any age, young or old, if you have inside you the flame of desire to do things. Even the sky is no limit.

Consider this website as a pleasant place for knowledge, tools, motivation, and inspiration to improve your life, and grow materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I wish my readers, a happy life ahead

Rakesh Gupta

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Delighted to part of this learning experience! I await the stories and insights. Wishing you all the best with the blog.
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    Glad to see the blog and be a member of this. As you have correctly pointed out in the intro, anything vedic and indian is accused to be religious (Hindu). To some extend it is true as other religions came after Hinduism. Vedic knowledge and traditions are "Open Architecure" and there are attempts to fossilise it and freeze it in time to keep it as amuseum piece. Similar works like yours are done by many accomplished people who wants to give back to the society. I request you to check out Rajiv Malhotra and his works at Glad to read your more posts. Regards Umesh
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    Rakesh Gupta
    Aug 30, 2016
    Thx Umesh. Thx for the refer to Rajeev. more the merrier

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